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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 5 months ago

Event Planning- scratch pad


Core Infra

sent mail to prof. kamal - agreed

send mail to prof. sangal reg the same. a more formalised mail should do it

sent mail to smr. create the hydtechbloggers blogroll

send mails to juniors to talk about the barcamp and parallel posting

mr. bagga has agreed. start coordinating the tasks

Jointly work with Chennai on event planning

  • orghanize the joint video session. test video. Then fix session topics. And announce


Publicise & notifications

  • mail to hyd-eclipse.org members

  • mail to hitech-JUG

  • get more tech bloggers on the roll

  • seek HYSEA help (to publicise, & support) done-

  • Print some posters and mail to companies? PDF file, printed (black n white)?. Soft copy DONE.
  • Finalize Rooms
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Projectors one for streaming and another for presentation.

  • Mail to all groups with the poster and request to join barcamphyderabad alias


Sessions & speakers

few initial speakers signed up

  • needto get more speakers



  • handouts at the event (pens, pads, water)

Progress has agreed in principle, to get some goodies

Pens organized (Ramesh)-

Caps done-

T-Shirts (Cordys has indicated theyw ill get co-branded T-Shirts)-

Poster design. Done. Thaanks to Chandrashekar, Pramati


Event Prep (IIIT student volunteers?)

  • Stage- backdrop design
  • Printed (direction) signs at the event
  • Confirmation of room, wi-fi & projector
  • Registration desk- get a laptop, enter online
  • Final schedule. INtro (me). Talks. Wrap-up(who?). Seek ideas for next barcamp.
  • Streaming Video & Audio for the event- ping Tarun & SMR
  • Permission from Gen. Bagga
  • Photography
  • Live blogging


Barcamp fees

  • Registration fees? Collect nominal, and use that to order snacks?
  • Regular- Rs.50 (30?). Students- Rs.20 (or, free?).




  • Snacks (Hot short eats, 5pm. Use registration fees?)
  • Dinner: need a sponsor

Water. Need a sponsor. (Get a crate of small bottles, and have people pay and pick up? We can find and get the crates. Will cost few 100 bucks (500ml bottles, 100 nos).

Tea & Biscuits Ramesh for Advetta-

  • More.. Biscuits & Tea (Request IIIT to sponsor? Anyone else?)


Whos behind..

Ramesh Loganathan Poorna Shashank M.Thiyagarajan




Planning meetings

Kickoff- february- Ramesh, Rajan & Rajat

The initial ideas took shape here.


March 30, 2006. IIIT. 3pm.


Had a good discussion today around the event logistics. Key points discussed:

1. Venue: The Keane school hall doesnt have a/c. So we settled for the Main block seminar hall (a smaller and simpler one- but has a/c). We will retain the Keane school hall also as a back up (just in case, over 100 peopole turn up :-) ) action- Sunil

2. Network- both the halls have regular network cable. Can be used to wi-fi enable, if we get a router (as teh campus wi-fi network is secured). I will get my wireless router. Ramesh

3. Snacks & Tea- to be ordered from IIIT mess. Tea every hour and snacks one. Sponsored by Advetta & Kern-comm. Follow up- Sunil

4. Dinner- we will order pizzas from Dominoes. And soft drinks, chips and such from the IIIT cafeteria. Total cost- arund 5-6k. Rajat

5. Banner- need a stage-backdrop banner for the event. To explore possibilities & cost. Ramesh

6. Video link to chennai- Will explore WebEx [Ramesh/Chandru]

6. Sessions: We identified confirmed sessions so far (about 10- Jay, Rajan, Pramati-1or2, Ramesh, Progress-1. Anandha/Cordys, Dr.Kamal/IIIT, Ripul/Kern, Sumeet/Yahoo, Tarun/IIIT ). We can accept a few more short sessions. Few more tentative sessions including one from Microsoft. At this point we are looking at 20 minute sessions, followed by a short Q&A. Action to finalize the schedule- Rajan

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